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Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Do you want to support my stream for the low, low price of FREE? Here are some great ways to do just that:

  • remind me to run ads when i'm live

  • show up to streams & lurk it up!

  • engage with me in chat, it really makes me happy!

  • welcome new people who are chatting

  • hang out in my Discord:

answering the question of the day,

random posting,

taking part in movie nights/book clubs,

and/or reacting to announcements (this really makes my day)

  • follow my Twitter & interact with me there (retweeting, commenting/liking posts)

  • subscribe to my YouTube channel & interact - this encourages me to put content there!

  • follow any other social media & share my content!

  • hype up my successes, in and out of games, and be encouraging <3

  • clip my channel & share it with others

  • create fan art for my channel, or memes! they are always amazing

  • wishlist my Etsy items, add my shop to your favorites, or add the items to your cart - no need to check out!

  • spread word of mouth about my channel/brand/etc with friends!

links to everything :)

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